Thursday, April 17, 2008

Masie Learning Systems & AG08 Re-Cap

I've finally returned home from an epic journey of trade shows and meetings.

The week has been tumultuous to say the least (despite the travel). The learning space is changing and people are starting to come around to social media. Masie has recently opened his site, for which, consequently , I'm a "mayor" (read facilitator). This site, while generally distributed across all topics of learning has clearly paved the way for the use of social media in learning.

Both the Masie conference and the eLearning Guild's annual gathering showed the rising level of interest in social media for learning. The term Learning 2.0 is becoming viral, at least among vendors and industry analysts. Maise dedicated a full pre-show session to User Content and at least a dozen sessions at AG08 focused on L20.

At this point, a need has been established and some early adopters have taken that leap of faith. I hold firm on my prediction that learning leaders are now exploring the idea of social media in their organizations for a variety of business purposes. While few vendors are positioning more than a tool set, several have begun to package solutions to address business needs.

With in 24 months, a growing number of organizations will have adopted solutions ranging from, small group collaboration tools to full blow communities. We will keep exploring the trends as they occur. Please post and reply with any comments!

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