Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Live from elearning guild's AG08

Greetings all,

I write you from the Hilton in Walt Disney World which is hosting the e.Learning Guild's annual gathering 2008.

The conference is a-buzz, with new technology and fresh ideas. Learning 2.0, the aforementioned convergence of social media / web 2.0 technology and learning has been a resonating theme for many throughout the conference. There are still rather few providers in the space but some interesting new comers like FlockPod are starting to crop up.

Additionaly, those people whom I've spoken with seem very excited about the way L20 will impact their organizations. I've spoken with people from insurance companies, technology firms, health care and even freight rail and there is one constant theme.

This is big.

No one really has a firm grasp on how they will apply it but with a little guidance and some questions, the big 3 concepts are:
  1. Retiring / Aging Workforce
  2. Connecting to the Gen Y demographic
  3. Harnessing and encouraging informal learning
The general feel seems to be that in the next 18 months the market will solidify on what it is looking for and really begin shopping for L20 technology.

The sessions I've attended have been good but most have been kept at a high level as there are few L20 implementations and fewer case studies. I'll post again tomorrow with the recap of what I've learned.


- Matt

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