Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Twitter and Learning

So its been nigh 2 months since my last post. Enough said.

I have not given up on blogging, but have been overwhelmingly busy more or less implementing the cool stuff we've been talking about for months.

So here is something crazy. Twitter. I'm sure several of you have used it, I do on a regular basis. Though, there are times I question the value of Twitter and what it does for people.

The value of Twitter may not have been fully realized yet though. Besides live Twittering events, and general public-IM, Twitter may have a hidden value to those of us in the learning space.

I was thinking about this this morning and was about to type my idea into our wiki but I though why not socialize this via my, now dusty, blog.

The basic premise of Twitter is to let people know what you are doing, thinking, eating, etc. Essentially for those of you who do not know, Twitter is a tool where you just type in anything in 140 characters or less and its is broadcast out to everyone. People who are specifically subscribed to you in Twitter will see you're message appear in their time line. At which point, you can quickly reply to it if you so choose.... or simply let everyone know that you're having a Coke.

So how does this even remotely apply to learning? Well think about it a second.
  1. Twitter has a number of 3rd party application, ala Snitter, that sit on your desk top and allow you to quickly access Twitter via APIs.
  2. Twitter allows you to subscribe to anyone else on Twitter
  3. Twitter allows you to broadcast yourself to anyone following you
  4. Twitter allows you to "favorite" a Tweet (a twitter post).
Those 4 things make it rather pervasive. So, if you're at your desk and you have just figured out something challenging or have a great little knowledge tidbit you want to share. You can click the window type it out and fire it off. Anyone else finding this valuable can then favorite that little tidbit and access it later!

Clearly it isn't the end all be all solution but hey it could work!

How do you think you could leverage Twitter in your learning organizations?