Thursday, October 25, 2007

Learning Changes: Learning 2007 recap

Good evening gang, (including anyone new from Learning 2007)

So, I had the privilege of attending Elliot Masie's Learning 2007 as you may have noted from the last blog post.

I neglected to say it in my previous blog but there is something fundamentally wrong about being "lectured" about the wisdom of crowds! It was veritably shameful really. At one point, I had the mic in hand to make a comment and I was verbally trampled for 5 minuets as the guy kept on lecturing. Needless to say, I had no comment after that.

Well, if you want a recap of what went on, you can browse as well as to get an idea.

So the questions are:
  1. What did I learn.
  2. How does it apply to what we discuss
Well, I learned a lot. Some of the key notes including Don Tapscott, Dan Pink and OF COURSE Bobby Flay all had insightful things to say about learning and how the mind works etc. Dan Pink intrigued me enough to buy his book A Whole New Mind. After I read it I'll discuss again what I learned.

My purpose for going what several fold. I, of course, went to support my job function, but as a personal goal, I went to really "test drive" the idea of Learning 2.0 with some real training professionals. Here is what I found.

  1. Training professionals have a great desire to capture and more so facilitate informal learning. You know that peer to peer over the cube stuff I talk about frequently.
  2. They are VERY scared about the retirement of the baby boomers and how that will impact their talent pools.
  3. Community and Knowledge Management, shockingly, are not necessarily connected. (I know they aren't quite the same but in Learning 2.0 they certainly complement one another)
  4. People loved our definition of Learning 2.0
  5. Few people are driving towards developing a full Learning 2.0 solution. Further more, those that are, are selling it poorly!
So how does does that apply to what we discuss? Well, I think it gives us the opportunity to explore a few new avenues of Learning 2.0.

I'll put it to a vote. Should the next blog post talk about:
  1. The ideal learning 2.0 system.
  2. Using learning 2.0 to supplement / relieve the stress of baby boomer retirement?
  3. The challenges of getting people to use a learning 2.0 environment.
  4. Q/A about the Learning 2007 conference.
You guys decide! We'll cover them all, you can just pick the order.


Angela Thompson said...


It was great to meet you at the Learning 2007 conference.

I think it would be of great value to discuss how a Learning 2.0 system could alleviate the pressures we in the training & learning industry are feeling surrounding the loss of "baby boomers" to retirement.

Specifically, We contract many of our retires back to "fill" their current positions after they retire. I think we need to do a much better job capturing their knowledge as they fully move to retirement.

Is anyone else dealing with this issue?

Matt Shandera said...


As you heard while at Learning, many companies are dealing with the issues of knowledge loss via retirement.

Since you were the only one to comment, lets discuss ways to capture that knowledge before its leaves!

- Matt